Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 48

Well, changes have come and gone and I am now located in the wonderful city of Riobamba. I have been made the District Leader of one of the largest Districts here in the Mission, basically meaning bring on the stress ;) It's been a good change and I'm super excited for what this one has to bring for me! My new companion's name is Elder Read. He is from Connecticut which is really cool. He has 7 months out in the mission field and he seems to be a really great missionary and ready to work, at least I sure hope he is :) 

So, the bad news from this week is that the baptisms we had all fell through :( The parents of Estiben and Alexander weren't able to get married yet but will be soon so that makes me super happy! Liseth's fell through because her little brother got burned and had to go to the hospital and her whole family is there. They don't want her to get baptized without them them. At first I was a little impatient with it all but I felt peace knowing that they are in the Lords hands and they will get baptized, just a little bit later :) 

It was absolutely amazing being able to talk to my family for Christmas! It really has given me the motivation that I need to keep working hard and stay focused. I don't have much more to share with you guys other than it wasn't the easiest thing having to leave behind more people that we were able to baptize. The members in that ward were super great and really supportive of us. We were able to have a great Ward New Years party and it was really successful! I could feel and see the Ward growing closer which was something they have needed dearly! I love you all and hope you have a great New Year!!!

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt :) 

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