Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 44

Well....what a week it has been! I hope you all enjoyed your feasts and the good ol Thanksgiving Football games! This past week was a very good one for Elder Goodfellow and I. I'll give you all the lay down of what happened this week. 

So, on Monday it was Andres' Birthday. We wanted to do something special for him and invite some members and the Young Men to throw a surprise party for him. It actually turned out to be a really good idea and worked out great! He turned 12 so we shared a message on the Aaronic Priesthood so he could understand the Gift that he was going to be able to receive on Sunday. It was a great message! Then we sang to him and had cake. One thing that they like to do here is when you blow out the candles, they shove your face in the cake haha so that was pretty great to see! He seemed really happy:) His Grandma had told me before hand how he didn't want to have the Priesthood and how he didn't have many friends so I was really glad we did something to help him!  

On Tuesday we were able to have a Family Home Evening with Familia Briones (less active family of Lulu) and get to know a lot more about them. It turns out that the parents and almost all of the children and grandchildren are members but they all went inactive together. We shared a message about taking our daily bread and focused on Reading the Scriptures, Praying, and Attending church. It turned out to be a great lesson and I'm excited to get working more with such a great family! 

On Wednesday we talked to our Mamita (the wonderful lady who helps us with cooking and our laundry) about if we could do something with her and her family for Christmas and she gladly accepted. We now have a great family to be with on Christmas day and a laptop, a Smart T.V. and tablet so it will make for a great Christmas!! 

Thursday was the day. We all thought we wouldn't be able to have a Thanksgiving feast but low and behold a family in the ward offered to help us out with that as it was just unacceptable. We all helped to prepare a nice Thanksgiving Feast with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Chicken, Stuffing (or at least something like it but sweet) and Rice, we can't forget the rice down here in Latino America ;) It really did turn out to be really nice and it helped us to get to know them a little bit better. I love how willing the people here are to help us Missionaries feel right at home! I'm thankful for the love that the members down here have for the Lord and for his Gospel! 

Friday was a pretty normal day and just a little bit trunky but we were able to visit the people that we have that are progressing. 

Saturday was full of stuff to do. We started the day off early in the morning to go out a little ways into our sector to visit some less active families. Then we were able to have lunch with Familia Zhingre. I really do enjoy eating and visiting with them. They have a missionary out right now who is serving in Honduras so it's nice to be able to talk to her and see how our misson sometimes affects our mothers (sorry about all the tear filled days mom :/) but also, how happy it makes her to know that her son is out there blessing tons of people! 

After lunch we headed to the Chapel to get everything ready for the Baptism. Like always, we started a little bit late but it was great to finally get her baptized and begin helping this family come back to the Church. I was the one that she chose to baptize her and I'm not going to lie, I really miss having the nice warm water like we had in Quito! Overall it was a great Saturday and a great way to mark my 10 months of being here in the mission!

Sunday was a pretty great day as well. In total we had 6 people at church and ended the week on a good note. We also were able to have a Stake Priesthood Conference to help us to know what our duty is as Priesthood Holders. Overall I have to say it was a great week and I'm ready for another one. 

I can't believe we're already into December and I know it will go by fast so let's end 2014 off good!! I hope that you all have a great week this week!  Don't get to stressed out about Christmas. Remember to focus on Christ and the reason that we celebrate Christmas. It is often really easy for us to get caught up in the things of the world and forget about the things that are most important. I want to urge you all to watch the new Christmas Message on the church website ( called "He is the Gift" and also "Thanks to Him". I love you all! 

Con amor, 
Elder Hunt

Andres Birthday Celebration

Thanksgiving Dinner

Baptism :)

Relaxing in my hammock

We put up a Christmas Tree!!

Some Pictures of our apartment

Elder Goodfellow

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