Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 46

Well, we just finished a great week here in Santo Domingo! This week I can definitely say that all of our hard has work paid off and it really does show how much the Lord helps us to complete his will. We received a ton of help from Members and were able to find some new people that have been prepared to receive this gospel. We ended up having 12 people at church! We have 2 Baptisms planned for this week and 3 planned for next week. 

Now I just want to explain something real fast to save me from having to do so later. I know that as of right now we have only baptized children/ teenagers but I just want you all to know that that's not all we are doing. We have been working extremely hard with their families. The parents of Alexander and Estiben are getting married and baptized soon. The parents of Maria Jose, Camila, and Andres are also now coming to church and are planning on getting married, which also means that their mom can get baptized and their dad can be reactivated:) We are getting ready to baptize the sister of Lulu and her mom and her grandparents are now coming back to church and with a little bit more work will be reactivated. I just don't want you all to think that were just finding random kids on the streets and getting them baptized. 

I really have enjoyed my time here in Santo Domingo and I will be sad if its my turn to leave but we need to do what the lord wants, not what we want. So I'd now like to share with you all some of the events that took place this past week. 

So to start it all off on Monday we found out that the member we always go out with named Angel eats dog at his house :O Now to explain it a little better he's from a place called Loja where they eat all sorts of weird stuff. My companion and I went to go pick him up for a cita and noticed that they always have a bunch of dogs but different ones every time we come by. He cheerfully answered our questions and invited us to try it sometime so I'll let you all know when that day comes :) 

On Tuesday we were at the house of the Briones Family and just as we ended the lesson with Lulu's sister the roof caved in...... hahaha! It was super crazy but don't worry, nobody got hurt it was just scary! One of the Bamboo poles holding it up broke so they just had to replace it that's all. Then something even more interesting happened. The Doctor's office below our house got closed down for a few weeks for not paying their taxes for this month so they started doing their appointments in one of the apartments. If I'm not mistaken they perform minor surgeries there so that's pretty sketchy haha! It just goes to show you how awesome Ecuador is. My comp and I have discussed how that just would not fly in the States but hey it's all good. We haven't heard of anyone dying yet ;) 

So that was what went down here this week pretty crazy and it turned out to be a great week! I finally got my packages from my family and I can already tell it's going to be a great Christmas :) I hope you all can not only physically prepare for christmas but also spiritually as it can be easy to lose focus on what's more important. I love you all and keep you in my Prayers! I hope you all have a great week! Love, Elder Hunt

Elder Hunt enjoying some of the things that came in his package:)

Elder Hun't Little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Elder Hunt with his little tree :)
(His mom was happy to see that they were able to get a bigger one too!!)

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