Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 45

T-minus 2 and a half weeks till I get to talk to my family again! It's great to be able to feel the Christmas Spirit even though I'm thousands of miles away from home. Today we went to Supermaxi, basically Walmart, and they were playing all American Christmas Music :) Thats also one of the reasons that I don't like going there is because I miss all of the music from back home!

So this week was a pretty good one. We started the week off with two Family Home Evenings, one with Members and one with Investigators. It turned out to be really good as we were able to watch the new church video called "He is the Gift" and we got two references out of it so it was a good day! 

Tuesday was kind of a tough day as that's when we usually go out to a place called Macadamia in our sector. It takes about 15 minutes in a bus to get there. We were able to visit a few of the less active members that live out there. We had a family home evening with a ton of members and the family of Lulu. It went super good! That's really what that family needs to get them back to the church.

Wednesday was a good day and we were able to go visit some of our investigators that we have who are progressing. We visited with Family Zambrano who we're still working with to get married. It frustrates me how hard they make it to get married here! That's a big reason why they just live together and aren't married. That's what I really want to do before I leave here is to be able to help them get baptized and married. That would be awesome! :)

Thursday I'm sad to report that I was in bed all day, sicker than a dog! I was throwing up and had diarrea so that wasn't the best day. It made me mad too because that was the day we were going to visit more of the people we have but we werent able to.

Friday I felt a ton better and we went out and worked the whole day. We were able to go visit Estiben by himself to help him prepare more for a mission. In the morning we also went out to teach one of Lulu's sisters but she wasn't there so we headed over to pass by some less active members and happened to pass by one who had just had surgery done on his back and had one of the best lessons ever! Let's just say, there were many tears shed.... not by me of course since real men dont cry ;) It was great to sit down and get to know him better and have him open up to us and confide in us to help him!

Saturday we were able to contact a few of the references we had received earlier in the week but they weren't too interested. I don't think that the time we went over was the greatest to contact them but this week we are going to work with them more for sure as they have a HUGE family. They were able to go to a Relief Society Activity and really liked it so I'm hoping we can keep them going and get them progressing.

Sunday was a pretty stressful day. The ward has a hard time doing things with order here so that makes our day quite the interesting one! We got all the people we needed to at church but this week we really need to focus on getting the families we have progressing and to the waters of Baptism. It's great to be able to see the results of our hard work here and great to be able to start over on a new week as the other is already behind us. I hope you all have a great day! 

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt

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