Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 49

First week down as District Leader here in Riobamba. Not going to lie, it was a tough one this week! The people here are very closed off and are not very willing to listen to what we have to share. I am now in a branch of about 100 Active Members and about 500 Members in total. It's hard not having as many members but our sector is huge like my last one. We walk a ton here and I've already lost some weight. 

So, basically as District Leader I receive a report from all the Missionaries in my District (about 6) and then I call the Zone Leaders to give them the report. I do splits with the Missionaries in my District and also give Training's on Thursday in our District Meeting. The good thing is that I now have a cell phone so now I can call my family and friends whenever I want to;) Haha JK! That's most definitely against the rules and will not happen don't worry everyone :) 

This sector is going to be hard as we have almost no one to teach and the ones we do have are going to be tough to keep progressing. We really fight a lot against the culture here and it makes things a lot tougher! It will be a good change though and I'm excited for what it will bring! My companion and I have been running in the mornings, talk about cold haha! It gets pretty chilly here at night and in the morning. It makes me not want to shower but I can't walk around looking and smelling like a bum haha! 

My companion and I have a lot in common and I hope that we can become good friends and work good together as a companionship! I don't have much more to report on other than I don't really like the food here, or the cold, but I'm trying to be humble as I realize you guys there in Utah have it pretty bad with the weather right now :) Can't say that I miss that weather yet but at least the houses at home actually protect against the cold! Well, I hope you all had a great New Years and can make this year better than the last! 

Love you all, 
Elder Hunt :)

 Baptism with the Sister Missionaries and the Members that were there.

 A sweet looking horse here in the mall :)

Me by one of the things they make to burn on New Years eve.

Today we ate at one of the only Carl's Jr's
here in Ecuador and it was the bomb!

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