Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 22

Well all I can say is what a week last week was haha. To start things off my companion and I spent 4 days in the hospital. We were there from Monday afternoon till Thursday afternoon. I had two infections.One in my stomach, and one in my kidney. In my stomach there was a bacteria that normally we have a level of 5% but I had a level of 95%.  In my kidney my creatine levels were really high also. The normal for a person my age is 1.0 and for a lot older people 1.3 but I had a level of 1.3. 

They took really good care of me and even though it was probably the most boring days of my life (because we couldn't watch any TV, not even the world cup) I was glad I was in good hands. Apparently the hospital that I was in is the best hospital in Ecuador. I was slightly hoping to actually get some good food, maybe even American food. I got my hopes up ;) 

I believe it was on Wednesday that my companion and I found out that the TV we had in the room was a smart TV so (with permission) we got onto LDS.ORG and watch every single movie/mormon message we could find. In all it turned out to be not too bad! I’m pretty sure Elder Monrroy thinks it was the worst time in his life because in four days he ate a total of 3 times because the food there was super expensive. 

So after I was released from the hospital on Thursday Sister Ghent gave us money for a taxi and money for food. We went and ate lunch and got on the trolley and that's when the fun began. When I left the hospital I felt great and even better after I had eaten but as we left the city to go back to our sector I just about passed out on the trolley. My companion and I had to get off and wait until I could go again. I don't know what happened but I think it was just from resting in a nice cool place for four days. Nothing bad happened and we were able to get back to our sector and work. 

Considering we only worked 3 days this week it turned out good as we had 2 investigators at church and a decent amount of lessons. This week I also finally received my birthday package and was able to listen to the general conference talks. They have helped me sooo much in this past week and I want to challenge you to listen to one everyday and try to apply what you heard throughout the day or to choose one and study it throughout the week and work more on that aspect in your life. We need not only read the scriptures or listen to conference talk, but we need to live them and apply them in our lives to get everything out of them we can! 

It might be hard sometimes but I know that it works and that it helps us build our testimonies and the relationships we have with our Father in Heaven and our families. I love you all and thank you all for the support and prayers that I receive from you all! 
I hope you have a great week. 
Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt :)

The amazing view of Quito from my hospital room

My hospital room

My Companion and I bought about
3 pounds of fish to eat and we got to clean it:)
He's from the coast (Honduras) so he LOVES fish!! haha

Elder Monnroy with the fish we bought

Me with the fish we bought

 Me and all the stuff I got for my birthday :) I love it all!!!

Me after blowing up all of those balloons ;)

I loved all of your Birthday messages!!




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