Friday, July 11, 2014

Week 23

Well, this week was definitely a long one but it was a pretty good one to!! After having baptized the two families that we did, our amount of investigators went down a lot. We found ourselves with almost none, at least none that are progressing that is. We visited more members and less actives this week to ask for references. Here in the mission we could not do anything without the members!. Everyone we have baptized have been references from a member. I’m really  starting to realize the importance of the saying, "¨Every member a missionary"¨ We all have people in our lives that we know who aren’t members of our church and how great is the importance of helping our fellow brothers and sisters to know the truth and receive the blessing we have. 

I like the scriptures in D&C 18: 10,15,16. This also brings me to the other topic that I want to talk about today and that is found in the conference talk given by Quitin L. Cook this past April. There are so many people waiting on the other side of the veil to receive the blessings from theTemple and they cannot receive them without us. He talks about the grand importance of doing family history. I really wish I would have done more of it myself while at home. It is so great that not only can we do the things here on earth for us to receive eternal life and an eternal family but that we can help the people who have died that never had the chance to hear about the gospel. It is such an important work to be done and there is so much that we can do, even in our own homes. 

I want to challenge you all to strive to do some sort of family history work so that we can all live with our families in the kingdom or god. I also want to invite you all to read/listen to that conference talk. Being here in Ecuador and not being able to do a lot really has made me realize how important they are and how much I want to do them. Thank you all for your support and love! I hope you all have a great week!

Con mucho Amor, 
Elder Hunt

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