Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 18

Last week of changes. Its so crazy that Elder Brough and I have spent the last 3 months together and also how crazy fast it has gone by! We had changes today and I will be staying here another change. My new companions name is Elder Monrroy and he's from Honduras. He seems really cool and I cant wait to get to know him a lot better! 

This last week was a pretty good one and not to mention it was my 19th Birthday haha! Crazy how fast the time has gone by. We had a pretty good day on Saturday and although we didn't do too much different or have cake and ice cream, we did get a ton of food and had some really great lessons with investigators! This week we found 8 new people and 2 new families who are honestly so great! Familia Garcia is one of them. The wife on Saturday told us that ever since we have been coming, they have seen so much more happiness in their home. She also told us that a few weeks ago she prayed to receive more help and guidance in her life and then the week after that we showed up. She believes that we are the answer to her prayers! 

On Friday we were walking to one of our appointments and we saw a huge group of gringos so we went to talk them and it turns out they were a Southern Baptist church from Alabama and Tennessee. It was honestly so great to have some southern hospitality and to hear their accents. I love being down here in Ecuador in the service of my Heavenly Father and the people here! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I hope you all have a great week. 

Con mucho amor, Elder Hunt :)

Q & A's

Q- Who is the Rainbow Door guy that you talked about in your last e-mail? We are clueless:)
A- Haha oh sorry its the guy that tried to have his daughter dance for us and tried to get us to marry her. Thats our nickname for him because he has a rainbow door.

Q- How did your apartment inspection go?
A- We haven't had it yet but our house is really clean now :)

Q- What kind of things do you do on your p-day?
A- We buy food, clean, take our clothes to a member to get washed and write basically. Just whatever we feel like doing haha.

Q- Do you do a lot of hiking to get to investigators?
A- Yeah some of them live really far up the mountain but it depends plus we can take a bus so its not too bad.

Q- Do you play much with the kids there? The kids here miss your teasing - haha!
A- We actually have a rule here that we can't hold or really play with them. Its because the laws here are really strict with children and they just want us to be safe rather than sorry.

Me and my District during district study in the chapel

Me and Elder Whitaker (Companion from the Mexico CCM)

Me and Elder Whitaker being cool ;)

Me and Elder Loza from Argentina (One of the coolest Elders down here)

Me, Whitaker and Elder Hall from my group at Quitumbre (bus station)

Me and my crazy tall (6ft 6in) Zone Leader Elder Christensen from Boston

Us at a members house with Hermana Sellan

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