Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 64

So, the good news is that I went to the doctor but the bad news is that I have to come home.... Haha just kidding! I still don't know what is going on in my body and only have more pain pills to take for it. It hurts but I guess it's time to "man up" and keep on working! I know that if I am strong and depend on the Lord, he will strenghten me enough to be able to carry the load that I have been given. Easier said than done but now its my turn to walk the walk, not just talk the talk :) 

But on a better note, we have another Baptism this week so thats good :) His name is Mario Z and he really is so awesome!! He's the only one out of his whole family that has the desire to get baptized. He really understands what we teach him. Yesterday when he ended our lesson with a prayer he said that he just wants to get baptized so that he can receive the Priesthood and go out and preach the Gospel and Baptize the People who need help. It was pretty awesome, not going to lie :) We are really trying to help out his family more and encourage him to help prepare his family so that one day they can make the same decision that he is going to make so that he can baptize them. 

I really have learned here that sometimes we just have to be patient and increase our diligence as we are not on our time, we are on the Lords time. I know that he will be a really strong member and that as he obtains the Priesthood he will be able to bless his family and protect them from Satan and all the influences of this world! 

I know that the work we do as Missionaries truly is the work of the Lord! I know that through our sacrifices our families and loved ones truly do recieve blessings! I have never in my life been so eager to talk to and help complete strangers find the way home to their Father in Heaven. I know that I truly do need to forget about myself and go to work so that I can find those people who need it most and come to love them :) I hope you all have a great week and can continue to become better people and continue in your search for happiness!!

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt

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