Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 62

Well, this week was a great one! It's honestly really nice to have something that makes your week just a little bit different and a little bit more spiritual! I don't know what has changed but I honestly LOVE General Conference!! It really does take a toll on you though as so much information, revelation and things that we just don't do get shoved down our throats haha! I now understand why there is a 6 month break between the Conferences. It's so that we can actually try to apply those things in our lives. I think that is something that has helped me get the most out of every session and turn it into something amazing instead of dreadful like it was before I came on my mission. I really hope that you all enjoyed it and can now use the time you have to make every aspect of your lives better :) 

This week we were also able to have Interviews with President Christensen which we have once every two months. It really is so nice to have him as our Mission President and to be able to have the help we need to become better than we are now! It really helped me to prepare for the conference we had and to really look deep down and find what I can do better to serve to the best of my abilities! 

We are still working with a few families that are progressing towards baptism. One man's name is Mario Z. He's the only one in his family that really wants to listen to us and the only one that really understands. This last week we taught him about Baptism and that after if he is worthy he will be able to receive and posses the Priesthood so that he can bless and guide his family through these dark days. We also explained to him that he could be the one to Baptize his wife and kids and the light that came to his eyes was amazing! 

The Priesthood truly does bless all of the families here in the world. Without it we don't have the shield to protect our families and homes against the attacks of Satan. Everyday I am becoming more and more grateful for the power I possess and the power that God has given me!! I hope that you all have a great week and were able to enjoy and keep enjoying the Conference talks!

Elder Hunt

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