Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 63

So, funny story to share with you all. I am sitting in a Cyber (where we write our emails on computers) in Quito and it just happens to be the same Cyber that I used almost a year ago before being admitted into the hospital with Salmonella and a Kidney Infection. I also have a doctors appointment tonight at the same hospital to find out what is going on with my hip. I have a feeling this time won't be nearly as bad as last time thought so that's good news :) It has been hurting me really bad the past little while and I hope that I can get some help to make it feel better! Other than that I have nothing else to complain about and life is good :) 

This last week we were finally able to start the "Because He Lives" challenge and we received the pass along cards to be able to use during our contacts :) I think it will really help us to be able to get into the peoples homes and teach them as that has been something we have really struggled with! We just have to rely on the Spirit more and say what the people need to hear instead of what we just want to say! We are helping one of our Investigators prepare himself to be baptized the 25th of this month and he is really excited! 

This last week was really hard for them as his Brother-in-Law passed away at the age of 28 from heart complications. We were able to accompany them to the funeral to support them in their time of need but boy, can I tell you, it was quite the funeral and unlike any that I've ever been to! It was a Catholic funeral and they did many things that I have never before even seen in my life so it was a new experience but it was also a good one! His wife later told us that many people asked who we were and why we were there and she simply responded "They're my friends and they are here to support me when I need them most." It really impacted me when she shared that with us! Many times we forget how important it is to form a strong relationship with the people. I feel honored to be considered one of her greatest friends and I hope that we can help their family receive all the blessings that the Restored Gospel has to offer! 

Although this sector and this city are hard I know that with the help of the Lord, we truly can help the people come unto Christ and receive all the blessings he has to bestow upon their heads! I truly do love this work and I know that I really need to use my last 9 months to the fullest so that I can look back upon this experience and be proud of what I've done! I love you all and I am keeping you all in my prayers. I ask that you keep my family and loved ones in yours as well. Have a great week!

Con Mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt 

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