Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 50

Well... I'll just start out with the best news that I found out this week, I have fleas/ bedbugs..... haha. Let's just say that it's not fun!! Our house hasn't really been taken care of the best and I don't know how long these fleas/bed bugs have been there but they aren't my friends!! We are currently in the process of killing them off. 

It's almost like we are in a whole new mission here in Riobamba! It's definitely a lot different from Santo Domingo. There are a few things that I have struggled with, One, they don't eat much here and I'm dying trying to fill myself up and Two, it's really cold! Other than that (and the fact that we don't have many people to teach right now) everything is good. My companion and I really get along and it's going to be a fun change together! 

So, something I've noticed here on my mission is that the retention of new members isn't all that great:( I now understand a little bit better why. This week I was studying in the Ensign from December 2014 and found a few pages that talk about a perspective from a recent convert. It was really quite interesting to see how many things really affect them and how many things are really different for them. Often times we as members or as missionaries think that once they get baptized its easy for them, but its not! That's when they really face some of the biggest problems. 

This week we were able have a recent convert come with us to a few appointments we had. He actually lives in New Jersey but is from here and is visiting his family for a few weeks. He speaks English which is the best and he was recently baptized. His family have been members for a long time but he always resented the church. He recently had something big happen in his life and really became closer to God. He was talking to us about how even though he is baptized and believes in this church he still doesn't have a firm testimony of Joseph Smith or the Book Of Mormon but he is doing all he can to gain his testimony. 

We really need to take heed and remember one of the most important parts of our Baptismal Covenant which is given in Mosiah 18: 8-9. It is our responsibility to help them with what they struggle with and help them to truly come unto Christ. This is what they need but they need to know how to follow in the Path of Discipleship. We need to understand how things must be from their perspective and not from ours. It's hard having grown up in the church and never having attended a different church but if we truly do love our Brothers and Sisters, we will do all we can to help them stay on this path and receive the blessings from the Lord. Like the scriptures say "Be an example to the believers" so that one day we can become united in faith and work in the lords vineyard together. I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Elder Hunt

Elder Hunt showing off the New Tie, Treats,
and Letters sent by the Young Women in our ward :D

Some of the Christmas Cards that Elder Hunt
recieved from loved ones. He loved them!!!

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