Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 8

Well, I thought it would take longer but I’m really starting to adjust to everything here which is really good. I can understand pretty much everything people say, except when they cant talk, but my vocabulary is still growing so it's hard to communicate back. I’m learning more and more everyday and trying to serve to the best of my ability. We walk a ton here because our sector is basically a mountain haha. The food is getting better and I can finally finished the food they give me. Tomorrow I’m going to have the great opportunity to try Qui (Guinea Pig) so that will be quite interesting. Other than that we eat soup and rice that's basically it. This week was good, the past few days the weather has been nice and it hasn't rained a lot. This saturday were going to baptize a family of 5. They are an amazing family! I’m soo excited for my first baptism! We had 4 more investigators that were supposed to be baptized this saturday but they couldn't attend church so now we have to wait. The mornings here are always freezing and long because all we do is study. I love the work of the lord and I know that he's hastening it as we speak. The hard days really pay off when you have baptism!!

Love, Elder Hunt


 Q- I know that you love cereal but do they sell any of the kinds you really like there? 
What do you eat for breakfast? 
Is the food pretty expensive? 
What is your favorite thing to eat so far? 

A- They have pretty much every kind, except Fruity Pebbles :( but its expensive here :P 
We usually make pancakes which I love haha and I've realized everything here tastes 10 times better! 
It depends, certain foods are but some are pretty cheap. 
My favorite things here are either Empanadas or Fried Verdes, (Giant green bananas).


Storm clouds - It rains a lot in Ecuador

Yumm - Frosted Flakes!!!

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