Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kaiden's first day in Ecuador!

We were so lucky to get a call from Kaiden at 12:30 this morning while he was waiting to board his plane to Ecuador. He sounded so good!! He sent this e-mail just a little while ago and sent a picture form the Mission Home in Quito, Ecuador. His new P-Day will be on Mondays:)

Hey so we got here safe and everything is going great. I only have a few minutes and just to let you guys know i got here okay :) im glad i got to talk to you guys today and hope you guys have a great day! Cant wait to talk to you guys again on mothers day! My P days will be on mondays and they said ill get 2 hours to email which will be nice :) Love you guys and be safe!!

Love, Kaiden

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