Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 7

So, Kaiden's P-Days are on monday now. We waited and watched for an email all morning but we didn't actually get one until 3:30 PM. Better late than not at all;D I (Sherri) was able to chat back and forth a little bit. Here is his E-mail followed by a few Q&A's

First week in Ecuador. Wow what a week! This place is nothing like anywhere I have ever been! The food here is definitely a huge change and there’s always so much that I can never finish. My area is called Turubamba and its basically just mountain that we get to hike up every day :P the elevation is around 11,000 feet so it’s definitely a huge change. The people here are great and extremely friendly. It’s nice to be able to teach real people and help them in their lives. I soon realized that whatever language I learned in the CCM (MTC) wasn’t Spanish ha-ha jk but it’s tough to understand everyone and talk but I’ll get there eventually :) The weather is always the same warm/chilly and rain so I wear a sweater every day. This is going to be a tough but great experience. Thank you all for your support. I love you all and miss you dearly. Turn to the lord for anything and everything and things will go great. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and he wants the best for all of us. 

Love, Elder Hunt

~This is a little that he wrote to his dad~

Well it’s definitely very different than the CCM (MTC) and it’s crazy down here. I’m in an area called Turubamba and it’s basically at 11,000 feet in elevation :P we have a lady that does our laundry down here so that’s nice. We sort of have a routine but not too much we just plan the day the night before and half our appointments usually fall through :P Its weird because the food here isn’t much different but a lot of rice and I haven’t been able to finish a single plate of food down here because they give us so much food! My new house is.... alright but not too good it will be my home for the next 3 months though so I guess I’ll learn to love it. It smells really weird which is just awesome ha-ha but we do have a nice view and my bed is pretty comfy! I’ve heard that letters take as long as packages so that will be interesting. Everything is going good and thanks for the pictures :) Love you!!!


Q- How long do you get on the computer? Is it at your apartment? How is your companion? Do you get along?

A- 2 hours. No, but its right by our apartment. He’s good, different from my last but good. He’s from Kaysville. Yeah we do.

Q- That's good!! What's his name? I've heard on some of the blogs that the people feed you a lot of food when you eat. Some say it's so hard to finish all of it!!

A- His name is Elder Brough. Yeah, I haven’t been able to finish a single plate when we eat and my companion has to explain that I’m not used to a huge lunch.

Q- WOW!! 11,000 feet is high!! Does it feel really different? I heard that there's a volcano erupting there somewhere. Have you heard about it?

A- Yeah I know. It gets kind of hard when we’re climbing the mountain to get to our appointments. There are a few active ones here but they’re all over the place.

Q- Sammi wants to know if you ate at KFC or McDonalds and if they taste the same as here?

A- KFC and yeah it did it’s just sort of expensive.

This is where Kaiden and his Companion ate at the mall on their P-Day

This is the view on their way back to their apartment

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