Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 58

So this week wasn't much different from any of the others. It's been a little bit hard here. The people we have aren't really progressing, which means we have to continue to look for more people to teach. Not going to lie it has been a little bit hard and at some times discouraging as the people just aren't as accepting as we are used to. We have been able to find some great people and great families that we are helping right now! 

Both my companion and I have not felt super good this week, which doesn't help with the fact that we're having to walk and look for people a lot. It's amazing that at the time when you think you can't go anymore, that's when the lord gives you the strength necessary to keep working! I know that this change will be awesome! I'm looking forward to another change with Elder Lopez if that's what the Lord has in store for us. 

On Sunday I was able to attend 6 hours of church as one of my Zone Leaders got really sick and wasn't able to go to church. I went on divisions with his companion and I was able to do a Baptismal Interview for them. Overall it was a great morning and I was more than happy to do it :) One of the families we invited to church showed up and stayed all three hours. We talked a little bit afterwards and they commented on how much they enjoyed it and how much they were able to learn. It's great to see that they actually understand and have the desires to follow in Gods path! 

This morning we were able to go to Baños in the Orient about 2 hours away and were able to see some massive Waterfalls they have there. It was great to see a prime example of what an opposing force does over so much time and how powerful it was! I know that through the opposition we are experiencing here, we will be made stronger! I hope that you all have a great week and can remember that our Heavenly Father loves you all!

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt

Baños Waterfalls - March 16th 2015


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