Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 38

Well, I'm officially done with my second week as being a trainer and it's actually going quite good! My companions name is Elder Goodfellow, as I forgot to mention that last week haha. He's from Las Vegas and he's 18. He loves being outdoors and going to Southern Utah to mountain bike and hike Slot Canyons so I've been learning a lot about that so I can try it out when I get back and do something that I've always wanted to. 

This last week we had another baptism for Alexander who's 12 and is the brother of Estiben who we baptized in September. The plan was to have Estiben baptize him but we later found out that he fell into temptation and didn't feel he was worthy to baptize him so  he chose me to baptize him. It really is so great to be a special part of these peoples lives and to help them become closer to God and have more happiness. You truly can see a huge change in the people from before and after their baptism! 

So, this past week we had a few experiences that I'd like to share with you. So yesterday as we returned home from church we found that our house was flooded. Apparently the faucet in the kitchen got left on and the drain doesn't drain so well so the sink overflowed for about 4 hours. We had about an inch of water that we had to scoop up with plastic bottles. That was quite fun! It took us about 2 hours to get it mostly cleaned up. 

The other one happened on Saturday before the Baptism. We were walking toward the church and next thing we know this lady was yelling down to us from the second story window and told us to "Wait" in english so we waited. We started talking to her and found out that she's from down here in Ecuador but she lives in Boston and is a member of our church. She is down here visiting her sister. Right before we passed she went to the window and started to talk to her about our church and then saw us. We ended up talking to her and her nephew from New York for about an hour in English, which was AMAZING! I really think we might be able to help out her nephew and I want to try and get him an English Book of Mormon that we have in the house and help him find more direction in his life. He told us after learning a little bit about us that he looks up to us and wants to be like us so hey that's a start :) 

This week was honestly a pretty good one. I'm just trying to learn and grow from everything. I hope that you all have the chance to study one of the Conference talks this next week and learn more about what you can do to be better. 

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt

The Baptism of Alexander

Elder Hunt, Alexander, and Elder Goodfellow

Alexander's Family

We found a Nature's Sunshine here so I thought that was cool:)

Me after we got done playing soccer today :)

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