Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 39

Well, we are now officially done with my first change as being trainer. This last week was a pretty good one! We were able to find some new people and we will be having another baptism this coming Saturday. 

Right now we are really focusing on the less active families where not all of them are baptized. There are more than 1000 members in my ward here but every week we average about 150 who attend church so were really working hard to find all those members that aren't coming. It's been a little bit hard since we haven't received as much help from the members lately but we are now focusing on strengthening the ward so we can have the help that we need. That's something I've learned while being here - that missionary work without help from the members just doesn't work out as well. They play such a huge role in this work and without them we can't do much! 

We found a family that has a lot of references for us but they don't really trust the missionaries here (we've had quite a few not so righteous missionaries in this ward before) but they do have the desire to help us. My companion and I are really excited to prove to them that we are here to work and to gain their trust!

Tonight we have a family home evening with them and a few of the references they have for us. It's great to be here and to be able to help the members and the members that have become less active as they also need a lot of help in their lives! I'm excited for this week and to be able to work more with the members and have more success. Thank you all for your support and for all the prayers sent my way! They truly have strengthened me in the times when I need them most! I hope you all have a great week! 

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt

Elder Hunt & Elder Goodfellow after the family
history activity we had with a member named Jair

The really good and surprisingly
cheap frozen yogurt we bought today

Central Park with a statue and a
Catholic Church that's actually pretty cool!

Santo Domingo streets, pretty cool!

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