Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 10

We now have two weeks left in this change. This week was a tough one for me and my companion with our lessons failing and not having many. It's hard when it's because of things that are out of our hands but at the same time, we’ve had some great things happen this week. 

Being able to listen to Conference was such a huge blessing and a great way to end a crappy week! I learned a lot and took a lot of notes (12 pages) so I have a lot more to learn. Take advantage of the great opportunity each one of you have to go back and watch them again and learn something new. That's something I sure wish I could do here. 

Although things with my companion haven't been the greatest and we got into an argument, we are becoming stronger and closer through bonding and talking things out. The weather here is getting a lot warmer now and the rain is going away. We have two new families that we are teaching right now and we are hoping that they will be baptized this month or next. I’m learning new things every day and love this work more and more. Thank you for all your support! 

Love Elder Kaiden Mckay Hunt

Q & A's

Q- How has your P-Day been so far?

A- It's been good. We went and played soccer. It was the first activity we've had since we had to give them up for Miracle March as a sacrifice. It was nice to finally be able to play though :) 

Q- That's cool you got to play soccer. Is it hard to breath up where you are.

A- Yeah it was sooo nice! Yeah it was extremely hard to breath not to mention I'm out of shape haha :P 

Salazar Family Baptism

Salazar Family Baptism w/Hermano Segovia
and Elder Fonseca who helped us baptize them

Ecuador Sunset

Rain ~ Rain ~ Rain

Our Apartment

Our Apartment/Study Area

Dinner with my district and Mission Leaders Family

My district and mission leaders family

Cotopaxi (Volcano)

YUMMY Fish:)

Cool Guitar Monument

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