Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 2

Here's the E-Mail that we got from Kaiden today:)

Second week in the MTC or CCM as we call it here. Glad to have another week down with my Spanish growing better by the day. The days are up and down, just depends on the time of day haha. This week we actually had more American-ish food which was nice and it actually had some flavor. It’s great to be somewhere where the weather is pretty much always nice (sorry for all you who are in the snow) :P 

My testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel grows stronger each day! I love all my companions and we may have disagreements but they’re still friends to me. I really can’t wait to be able to go out to Quito and start teaching real people, although at the same time it’s kind of  scary :P Love you all and your all in my prayers every day!!

Elder Hunt

These trees that are everywhere here are
starting to bloom and I can't wait till more
 of them do because they're soo pretty!!

Kaiden and his Companion Elder Whitaker from Alpine, UT

Streets of Mexico

Kaiden's room at the Mexico MTC

Mexico MTC - Beautiful!!

Heres a pic of a little baby palm tree for
Sammi since I know she loves them :) 

I'm not quite sure who drew this:) I'll have to ask him.

These are some people in my distict
from Mapleton and Austin, Texas.

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