Thursday, February 6, 2014

WEEK 1 - Kaiden's P-Days are on Thursdays!!

Well, this has been the longest week EVER waiting to hear from Kaiden!! We found out that his P-days are on Thursdays:) I was able to chat with him for a few minutes through e-mail so that was nice. I guess he got one of his horrible migraines yesterday and he was down for most of the day. Anyone who has ever witnessed one of his migraines knows how miserable he feels:( He usually can't lift his head and he gets huge blind spots in his vision. Hopefully he won't have too many of those to deal with! Keep him in your prayers please! Well, heres his e-mails. They are shorter than I was hoping but hopefully the longer he is there, the more details we will hear about! Sorry if they seem scattered... we were chatting in between.  Sherri

"Hey! Sorry it’s taken so long but today is my p day and its seemed like forever since I’ve been able to talk to anyone. That’s really unfortunate to hear about those officers and the snow but the weather down here is great! just learning and been really busy although yesterday I got pretty sick with a migraine and nausea but today I’m a lot better!"

"Well First week down everyone, the hardest part is now out of the way :) I have already learned soo much in just being here for a week and it has been far from easy. I can now say a lot more things in Spanish and I can pray and testify in Spanish! It still is a really big struggle being able to say what I want to as my vocabulary is still very limited but we manage when we teach our investigators. The temperature is absolutely great down here and it is very different from being in Utah, but in a good way. I have learned just how much we need to rely on the lord here and without him we are nothing. The food here is... alright kinda depends on the day. the Mexican food pretty much all tastes the same but we did get cake and Costco pizza one day so that was great. I know that I am doing the right thing being down here and we just gotta stay strong and it will be great! love you all and can’t wait to be able to tell you my experiences in person in two years :)"

The sunsets are Beautiful! These are the guys we shared an apartment with but they left on Monday to go to Monterey Mexico.

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