Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 55

So, this week was quite the interesting week! First of all, it was the first week of changes. I can already see that this change is going to be a great one and that if we stay diligent and keep being obedient I know that the Lord will truly bless us! 

The second reason why this week was quite crazy is because this week was a HUGE holiday here in Ecuador! It's called Carnival and basically what happens is everyone walks around carrying silly string type stuff, water, flour, and eggs and its just an all out war haha. People throw water balloons and buckets of water from the roof. Let's just say that it would be awesome being here as a normal person and to be able to participate in the madness!! As a missionary I can now say that it isn't as great being here defenseless! It also makes it hard having to work and find people to visit too. It was still a great experience and super fun to have to run away and avoid being soaked with water. Unfortunately, we still got wet haha! 

So this week was a little bit hard as all of the members here in Riobamba left to go to the little towns a little ways away from here. The town here is literally so empty and its been hard to find people to teach. We've tried to look for new people to be able to teach but with no luck. 

Yesterday I was able to give a talk in church and I was asked to speak about The Law Of Chastity and the Use of Technology. It has been a problem here in the branch as they kids are always on their phones and they don't show respect during the hours that we are in church. 

There's not a whole lot of news to share with you all but this P-Day was super fun! We got together as a zone and played Carnival and lets just say we got super dirty and super wet haha! It was great as we have 3 news Missionaries here in the zone. It was super fun to be able to experience a little bit of the culture here in Ecuador. We only have today and tomorrow to make it through Carnival and were good :) 
I hope  that you all have a great week this week!
Con mucho amor, 
Elder Hunt 

Elder Hunt & Elder Read


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