Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 16

This week was honestly a little bit rough just from being able to talk to my family but it was still a pretty great week. We had a few of our investigators basically break up with us. They even used all the famous phrases like "it's not you its me" and "we can still be friends after" so that part of the week kind of sucked but we did find a new family and they are honestly pretty great! They have the desires to learn more and even accepted our baptismal invitation.  

As of right now we have about 6 people planned to be baptized on my birthday, which would make for the best birthday present ever! They all have there own problems but we're trying to work through them with them. It would awesome because we had one family of investigators call and tell us they weren't coming to church but when got to church on Sunday they were there. 

I also had to give my first talk yesterday in sacrament meeting and it went alright but it was definitely hard. I talked about Jesus Christ: the Beloved Son from the December 2013 Liahona and it's amazing how much he really did do for us!  If we just follow his example and accept the things he did for us, we can have everything he need and want in life and in the life after this. 

I want to challenge you all to study one of the amazing stories of Jesus in the BOM or Bible and try to apply what you learn in your lives. "Be ye doers of the word, not just hearers" It's the best way we can improve our lives! I love you all and keep you all in my prayers. 

Con amor, Elder Hunt

Q & A's

Q- So it gets pretty cold at night? I saw that you must have bought a beanie to wear to bed.
A-Haha yeah I wear two pairs of pajamas and my Yankees beanie I bought everynight.

Q- Do you still have someone to cook/do laundry for you?
A-  Yeah we only have to cook on thursdays and we have a lady that washes our clothes too. 

Q- In your apartment I didn't notice much furniture (like a couch) is that how most missionary apartments are? How is your bed? Do you sleep ok? 
A- We have two beds and two chairs that's it. Our houses aren't meant to be comfortable haha. It's alright I've had better but I sleep good.

Q- So far, what has been your favorite thing to eat that they cook there? (not fruity pebbles) Do you eat 3 meals a day and do you cook at all for yourselves? (besides smores haha)
A- Most of the time usually one meal but a lot of people give us food when we visit and sometimes we make dinner. I love rice with milk and cinnamon and also this Collada that they make. Other than that it's a lot of rice and chicken haha.

Q- So, you have a cell phone? That's pretty cool! Do you mainly use it to contact Investigators? Do you have to travel very far to visit them? Do you do much door-to-door prociliting (sp)?
A- Yeah only the DL´s and ZL´s have them so they can take people numbers every night. Yeah we use it to cofirm our citas. Our sector is all in one area. These past few weeks we haven't done a whole lot of knocking on doors and our Mission President is starting to ban it.

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